Avatar of Aphrodite, Golden-Locked Maiden, Gift of the Sea

It was just a normal morning when an elderly fisherman was on the beach repairing some minor damage to his boat. In those early hours, it was odd to hear anything but the sounds of gulls crying and the rocking of the waves. This morning, however, he could hear the bubbly giggle of a toddler splashing in the water. There was nobody else on the shore at this hour, and he slowly looked over in the direction of the giggling. He saw a female child sitting waist up in water. She had soft, wavy blonde hair and deep blue eyes that sparkled in the sunlight. She was adorned in jewelry, gold and riches of the sea- pearls and beautiful opalescent shells. The fisherman- Cyrano, nearly dropped the fishing nets in his hands and felt as though he was looking at a tiny goddess.

Cyrano would adopt her as his own child, his wife had died many years before and she was unable to concieve. Raising a child would prove to be a new experience for him, but despite her age it was clear from very early on that this child was wise beyond her years. Cyrano named her Cythereia, another name of the Goddess Aphrodite, who had also been born from the Ocean. However, she went by the nickname of Cyta and still does to this day. Cyrano never spoke of how he came to adopt her, claiming the child was his niece he had taken into his care. However, her magical nature became very difficult to hide as she grew older and could communicate better. Most were ignorant of her purpose, and considered her to be a bit of an odd child, as she often talked to herself and animals took a strong liking to her, and she spoke to them as if they were people, always claiming to know exactly they were saying right back to her.

Not long after she had turned only six years old, did her life dramatically change. Avram, the Avatar of Zeus was passing through Corinth on his way to Athens when he had seen the beautiful young girl and immediately recognized her as a Avatar, such as himself. She also could not avert her eyes from the man she felt almost an immediate kinship to. He had taken her to the Temple of Aphrodite atop the Corinth Acropolis and proved her divinity by stepping into the temple sanctum and conversed with gods and Avatars alike. She was fearful of leaving her simple life for the much more complicated life of an Avatar, but even Cyrano encouraged her to take hold of her destiny. Cyta was immediately snatched up by the temple Priestesses and was educated in reading, writing, persuasion, speaking, dancing and singing. When she turned ten, she was gifted with the title of High Priestess at the temple.

It was during these years of hard study that she met a charismatic and impish boy, close to her in age. She was becoming weary of the constant education and the boy managed to convince her to run off and have some fun without the stresses of being a young Avatar. The boy's name was Kivan, she was curious about his unique appearance, endless emerald green eyes and rose red hair crowned with curving horns. She was intrigued by his carefree way of life and the natural beauty of the land where he lived. They eventually would be found, however. As a young Avatar having gone missing caused a clamor amongst her temple priestesses and other divine entities. The two of them would be split apart and scolded for sneaking off, however memories of Kivan would always weigh heavily in her heart and she hoped she would see him again.

Years came and went and eventually she would be turning ten years old. This was a exciting event, as her year of learning at the temple would be drawing to an end, and she would be of age to travel with Avatars and see the world. Each Avatar gave her a gift that would prepare her for her future as a Avatar. She would spend time with each one individually as years passed by, traveling and learning how to utilize her power.


  • Parents: Cyta emerged from the Ocean as a toddler, her biological parents are unkown, but presumably Aphrodite and Poseidon- took part in creating her, although neither have confirmed this. Cyta was raised by the man that found her, Cyrano. A Corinthian Fisherman.
  • Siblings: Cyta has no biological siblings, but considers the other Avatars her brothers and sisters.
  • Children: Cyta is a virgin and therefore has no children.

Magical Items

  • Wave Lash of Cyta: Cyta's weapon of choice is a beautifully crafted, gold and pearl handled whip. The lash is composed of magically forged water. This weapon was a gift bestowed on her by Andrew, Avatar of Hephaestus, for her tenth birthday.
  • Bejeweled Princess Diadem of Cyta: On her tenth birthday, Cyta was gifted with a lovely diadem by Avram, Avatar of Zeus. While Cyta does not wear it often, the purpose of this headpiece is to mark her as a divine princess, and therefore be given respect as such.
  • Ruby Vow Rings of Cyta: A gift from Alaria, Avatar of Hera. These two matching rings were meant to be given to one's true love. The rings hold a enchanted red ruby that allows mental conversation between two lovers and can briefly project a image of their lover and what they are doing at that time.
  • Beguilling Veil of Cyta: From the day of her birth, Cyta was wrapped in a silken blue piece of fabric. To this day she wears it, either draped around her shoulders, or wrapped around her waist.
  • Shellheart Core of Cyta: Cyta's connection to her goddess is linked through the core in her heart. The core allows her to channel Aphrodite's powers.

cyta2.jpgPowers and Abilities

  • With just a touch, Cyta can fill up another's lungs with water and cause them to drown.
  • Cyta can cause her body to shimmer and shift like water, making her hard to hit.
  • Cyta can speak with animals.
  • Cyta can mesmerize those who watch her seductive dance, and be inspired by her voice.
  • Much like her Goddess, she can charm and seduce others- but does not abuse this power


Cyta is calm, level headed and intelligent. She has a strong will, and is able to hold herself back from temptations and keep her emotions in check. She is not easily offended and is best described as a idealistic dreamer. While her mind is not clouded by unrealistic thoughts, she hopes that one day the world and the creatures in it will coexist in harmony and love. Despite having such a serious front, those that are close to her know she is a true romantic at heart, and represents the side of Aphrodite that is love in its purest form. Unconditional, innocent, and compassionate.

Physical Appearance

Cyta is a tall and beautiful young woman with a toned body. She has golden-tanned skin and eyes as blue as the deepest depths of the ocean. Her hair is a golden shade of blonde and sparkles brightly under the sunlight. While serving as high priestess at the Temple of Aphrodite in Corinth, she is adorned in beautiful clothing made of rich fabric and the finely wrought jewelry encrusted with sparkling gemstones. She always wears a long blue shawl, either wrapped around her waist or over her shoulders.


  • In Greek Game 1.0, Cyta was only a five year old girl.